We offer many services to meet your needs from steam cleaning carpets to dry cleaning upholstery, from fire to water damage cleanup, from ceramic tile cleaning to grout sealing, we have everything to meet your cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Quality Carpet Care uses a truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning method, also referred to as "steam cleaning".  This method is most highly recommended by carpet manufacturers for cleaning today's carpets.  It gives your carpets a deep down clean and are left damp to the touch.  Carpets typically dry in 6 - 12 hours depending on drying conditions and services provided.  This is truck powered equipment, not portable machines. We hook up to your cold water supply (if available) and the water is mixed with a cleaning solution and heated to 190 degrees.  This solution is delivered to the cleaning tool by a pressure hose and the soil is flushed out and removed by the vacuum hose attached to the cleaning tool.  In addition to steam cleaning, we now offer various dry cleaning services for area rugs and furniture as well as Teflon carpet protection . 

Our exclusive carpet cleaning process includes:


Upholstery Cleaning

Depending on the type of fabric you have will determine the cleaning method used. The technician will determine upon review of the fabric the correct cleaning procedure. We offer 2 types of upholstery cleaning methods, steam cleaning and dry cleaning. We also clean car interiors as well as leather.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Cleaning of ceramic tile is very similar to the method of carpet cleaning, but designed for hard surfaces.  It is a constant pressure of hot water designed to clean well into the pores of the tile that typical mopping cannot achieve.  We clean tile and grout surfaces on walls, floors, countertops, showers and backsplashes.  This method leaves the floor slightly damp and will air dry in less than one hour with no residue left behind.   We are also able to seal your grout as well. 

Grout Sealing

Grout sealing is beneficial because grout is porous and soil can become embedded leaving floors discolored.  In extreme cases grout might even need replacing.  Providing a layer of protection may prevent this unnecessary expense.


There are several choices in finishing the edges of carpet remnants to create area rugs. A simple ¾ inch poly binding is the most popular. Oriental style runners might require serge look binding or even fringe. Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Ovals, or even Octagons can be created for you. “L” shapes or other examples of inside corners might not be possible.


Quality Carpet Care has many weapons to combat odor problems. A simple deodorizing solution may be all that is needed or the area might need to be sealed and filled with an Ozone gas to counteract odors. There are lots of procedures and solutions in between. Ask how we can help.


Color repair is for small areas of color loss, not wall-to-wall carpet dying. Color loss may occur from a teenager spilling an acne product or plant food water spilling on the floor, or even a toilet bowl solution dripping off the brush. While different color loss accidents will react differently to repair techniques, most can be brought to an acceptable level.

Water Damage/ Indoor Flooding
(see Emergency Services)
Fire Damage/ Smoke & Soot Removal

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